I am very pleased to introduce my new line of fresh organic herbs blended with naturally healthy Celtic Sea Salt® to create my three unique blends of Mrs. Wonderful Salts.
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Making wonderful food always begins by using the best ingredients you can find, like the fresh, (not dried) organic herbs I use to make my seasoned salt blends. Each blend is hand crafted in small batches here in Montana.

I start with Celtic Sea Salt® which is a hand harvested French grey sea salt from the coast of Brittany. The sea salt preserves and keeps my fresh herbs naturally moist and flavorful in the jar. There is no need to refrigerate Mrs. Wonderful Salt Blends. As you use them they may slowly dry and if the salt clumps just shake the jar before using.

My blends are always wonderful whether moist or dry, so enjoy them to the last crystal. They will add the perfect flavor to all your culinary creations. Use them on your favorite meats, fish, pastas, soups, stocks, appetizers and more.

Remember, a little Mrs. Wonderful goes a long way. Let me know how you use my salt blends in your favorite recipes and check out my videos showing how I use Mrs. Wonderful herbal salt blends.



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